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Real Name : Norbert
Nick Names : Merlin
Location: : Lubeck, Germany

1. What do people call you in real life? No place and time to repeat that here...
2. What is your nickname when you're on IRC? Merlin
3. What do you do to pay the bills? Searching for a millonaire (Do you know one?)
4. What part of the universe do you claim as home? Lubeck, Germany
5. How old do you want people to think you are? Age is only important for cheese and wine
6. If you could have any view from your own "picture window" what would you see? A world in which humans would respect nature.
7. They say "music soothes the savage beast", who soothes you? In general any kind of music - I just have to listen and decide than.
8. If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island what 3 things would you hope you had? 1. Ebook-Reader with lots of my favorite novels.
2. My complete radio studio.
3. And my wife with money and airplane to bring everything to the island we need to survive.
9. What do you consider yourself good at when you're on the computer? Always wondering why my computer solve problems different than I do.
10. What brought you to DALnet #mIRC in the first place? In rememberance of my first steps on iIRC ... helping others to understand what they're doing.
11. Favorite healthy food? Any kind of salats.
12. Favorite junk food? I saw people eating that... brrrrr
13. Favorite drink? Coffee.
14. Favorite pet? Dog
15. If you could transform into any animal at will, what would it be? None - because humans destroy my environment.
16. When you're not sitting behind the keyboard, what occupies your time? Planning future radio broadcast shows.
17. Do you have a favorite secret "Web Site" that you would like to pass on? My own Help stuff site on scripting and mIRC.
18. What would you like everyone to know about you that they would never suspect? My age? ... naw better not.
19. Favorite Bumper Sticker?
20. Favorite Author? J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Robert Jordan, Stephen King, Frank Herbert
21. Favorite Movie Star? Alec Guiness, Anthony Hopkins

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