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Microsoft Agents

mIRC now supports Microsoft Agent if you have it installed on your system. An agent is an animated character that can speak text and perform actions. Bringing a new way to utilize text-to-speech and voice recognition capabilities.

Here are all the tools that you need.

MSagent(395K) This is the required file to run agent on your system.

Language Support For help with other languages other then English.

Text-to-Speech Engine(1MB)

This file is required for Text-to-Speech capabilities.

Speech Recognition Software(6MB) You are not required to use this package, there are other speech programs that work with mIRC.

Speech Control Panel(935K) Will add a Speech option on your control panel that will give you the ability to customize your installed agents and software.

To check to see if your mIRC is setup for MS Agent use, here's an alias to check that all the Agent stuff is ready and available to mIRC

Agent Characters









3rd Party Agents

REQUIRED: Windows® 95, Windows 98, Windows NT® 4.0 (x86), or Windows 2000 Internet Explorer version 3.02 or later A Pentium 100-MHz PC (or faster) At least 16 MB of RAM At least 1 MB free disk space for the core components An additional 2-4 MB for each character you install. An additional 32K for each language component (dll).

The agent section in the options dialog allows you to change the way agent behaves and to specify the events that you want agent to speak. The agent dialog will only be visible if agent is installed on your system

Note for Windows 2000 Users: Agent is installed by default. All you will need to download is the speech recognition software if you wish to run it. Merlin comes installed by default, and the other three characters may be downloaded as well. The speech control panel cannot be installed under Windows 2000.

Note for Windows XP Users: Microsoft Agent uses SAPI 4.0 to provide speech services. Windows XP however now ships with SAPI 5.0 which does not provide backward compatibility support for its predecessor. Fortunately, SAPI 4.0 and SAPI 5.0 can co-exist together on the same Windows XP computer. To make the speech engines work with Microsoft Agent in Windows XP, first install the SAPI 4.0 runtime binaries, then install the particular speech engines. For help with this please go to

Microsoft's Agent Download Page

After you have loaded all the required software for Microsoft Agents, you can test them in your browser with this link:

Browser test of agents

If this works, and you have setup for agents in mIRC, you can download and load this .mrc file to test agents in mIRC:

mIRC script to test agents in mIRC

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