What is this about scripting classes

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Have you had a desire to lean how to write scripts for mIRC?

If you have... We have great news for you!

The ops of the #mIRC channel; and the Staff of the ddbgroup network have classes for you!

These classes will be broken down into several levels, with several classes at each level.

The first class (Level 1, Class 1) will be for beginners and will walk you through the basics of script writing for mIRC.

This first 'Level' of classes is 7 classes in total, and each should run less than 45 minutes each.

More information, and Class schedules will be posted at this website, and one other site.

Links to the Schedule, and the two sites:

The first is the home website for the ddbgroup company (they sponser an IRC network of the same name).

The second is a site shared by several '#mIRC' channels on different networks.  It is the USA based sister site to the Home website for the mIRC product (© mIRC Co. Ltd.)  mirc_tiny  in the UK.

Please check either of these websites for Class schedules (as they become available).

Future claases will cover topics such as: