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General Guidelines for users of the #mIRC channel on DALnet

The #mIRC channel is a place to get help using the mIRC IRC Chat software. We also help (if possible) with general IRC questions and questions about the DALnet IRC network. Please review this page for general guidelines related to how to conduct yourself in our channel.

1. Do not private chat users or operators
Unless asked, never private chat anyone in our channel. Most are here for help, and do not need the interuptions. The oeprators are here to help in the open channel and unless they ask you to chat them, it is NOT allowed.

2. Please only use english in #mIRC
so we have a common language for communication

3. No foul langauge.
This is a rude. We get 'kids' in the channel. You will be banned if you do.

4. Don't ask if you can ask a question.
There is no need to ask if you can ask for help, it is, afterall, a help channel, just ask your question.

5. Leave the warnings to the channel ops and please keep colors to a minimum.
We have operators here to control the channel, as a user, please do not try and do their job. Since we are a help channel, extensive use of color is distracting. please avoid use of color in our channel.

6. Make sure you read the question thoroughly and give the CORRECT answer.
Think about your answer before you give it out and carefully read the question before you throw out a popup/alias on the channel.

7. Please do not use away messages in #mIRC..
If you mark yourself away, we do not need it known in channel.

8. Do not ask for ops on the channel.
This will usually get you kicked from the channel. If you help for a time and the ops feel that you are qualified and will fit in with others, then you will be voted on and asked to join the #mIRC help team. Please keep in mind though that just because you help in the channel doesn't guarantee that you will become an op.

9. We like to keep the chatting to a minimum, especially when the channel is busy.
We are here to help people, there are other channels for socializing.

10. As a general rule, do not paste script code to channel.
Our primary focus is basic mIRC help. If the channel is quiet, pasting a line (or 2) to the channel is permissable, but remember, the bots will kick on floods.

11. Voice in #mIRC
We DO NOT +v anyone (with the exception of a few helpers) in the channel. Please do not ask us to.

12. Do not idle for extended periods in #mIRC
We reserve the right to kick anyone who idles over 8 hours in our channel. This is done to prevent bots and other non attended clients from just parking in the channel.

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