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Helper Guidelines

We do not voice helpers on #mIRC.
However, we do have some guidelines that we ask all helpers to follow while they are in the channel.

1. No helping in private (Msg's, DCC's)
There are 2 reasons for this. One is we need to know that the information you are giving users is correct and second, we have a lot of users who like to lurk and learn so all help is given on the channel.

2. Don't continually ask if anyone needs help.
This is very annoying on a busy help channel. If someone needs help they'll say so or ask the question.

3. If you see an op or other helper helping someone, backoff and help another user.
The last thing we need on the channel is people fighting over helping someone. That only leads to more confusion for the new users.

4. Leave the warnings to the channel ops and please keep your colors to a minimum.
You have no way to enforce our channel rules so the warnings about chatting or colors need to be left up to the ops on the channel.

5. Make sure you read the question thoroughly and give the CORRECT answer.
Think about your answer before you give it out and carefully read the question before you throw out a popup/alias on the channel.

6. Please do not use colored nick completes in the channel.
We don't need it to be a contest of who has the coolest nick completer.

7. Point the user to the proper places to have services questions answered. Answer one question and they continue on most of the time.
A good example is: How do i register my nick? Tell the user the command or /nickserv help register. We try to help the users help themselves. If they continue asking point them in the direction of #DALnetHelp channel for further help with their services questions. An additional resource to send user to is:

8. Please do not use popups that send messages to help people.
We want to make sure that the information you are giving them is accurate so we ask that you help them completely in the channel.

9. Do not ask for ops on the channel.
This will usually get you kicked from the channel. If you help for a time and the ops feel that you are qualified and will fit in with others, then you will be voted on and asked to join the #mIRC help team. Please keep in mind though that just because you help in the channel doesn't guarantee that you will become an op.

10. We like to keep the chatting to a minimum, especially when the channel is busy.
We are here to help people, there are other channels for socializing.

11. Ops will often times /notice or /msg you about something you have said or done.
They might have a better way for you to approach a problem or will be correcting an answer you have given. Do not take this personally. We need to make sure the users get the highest quality help we can offer.

12. As a general rule, do not paste script code to channel.
Our primary focus is basic mIRC help. If the channel is quiet, pasting a line (or 2) to the channel is permissable, but remember, the bots will kick on floods.

13. Voice in #mIRC
We DO NOT +v helpers on the channel. Please do not ask us to.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask one of the ops on the channel if you can message them to ask whatever you need.

We appreciate your interest in helping us make the best and friendliest help channel on DALnet! Have fun and happy helping :)

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