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Some Great Links

Here is a list of links that we find of great value to the users of mIRC.

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DCC Help (Basic DCC send problems):
DCC Help part 1

DCC Help (More in depth help for routers, etc.):
DDD Help part 2

Multi-Server Help:
Help for Multi-server

Lost registration (mIRC):

MS agents (with mIRC):
agents page on this site

About the Author (of mIRC):

SSL (with mIRC):

DCC/Linksys Router:

DCC/D-Link Router:

WindowsXP DCC send help:

Channel Helper Guidelines:
Dalnet mIRC helper Guidelines

Exploits & Virus help:

#nohack Homepage - Virus help:

Trend On-Line Virus Scan:

mIRC Related Links

mIRC Message Board:

mIRC Install and Setup:

mIRC Commands and Tips:

Help with proxy set up:

Scripting Links

Good intorductions to scripting:

mIRC Scripts:

mIRC scripting examples:

Introduction to Dialogs Tutorial: Trojan FAQ:

#IRCHelp Help Archive:

DALnet Links

DALnet Nickserv Commands:

DALnet Chanserv Commands:

DALnet Memoserv Commands:

DALnet New User Help:

DALnet Security Guide:

DALnet Other Links:

Miscellaneous Links


WinSock Error Reference:

Eggdrop Help Site:

General Networking help site:

Many forums to read (good for routers/networking/hardware):

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