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Script Library Overview

The Script Library gives you a collection of scripts very useful for the daily work with mIRC. The library is divided into several sections:
  1. Identifiers & Functions
  2. General Protection Scripts
  3. Flood Protection Scripts

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$ascii.percent - Returns the percentage of ASCII characters in a given text
/ascii - Displays the ASCCI Code table in a custom Window
Away Message Fix - Script to stop amsg and ame from showing in specified channels
Away Script - Away Script using Connection Identifier

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/bcount - Ban Counter
$bt - Backwards Talker

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$caps.num - Returns the number of captial letters in a given string
$caps.percent - Returns the percentage of captial letters in a given string.
Caps Kicker - See the Protection Script Library.
Channel User Limiter - Restricts the maximum of users who can join a channel.
Country Codes - Returns the Country Code or Country Name

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$dpoints - Returns a given number with given number of decimal places

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$fact - Factorial Function
$ft - Fancy Talker
$fileinfo - File Information
$findfileinfo - File Information
/filterban - Filterban
/fixini - Reorders items a given INI-file

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$GetEnvStr - Getting Environment Variables using COM Objects

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/hlist - Displays current active hasthables and it's sizes

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$iscaps - Returns number of capital letters
$ispercent - Returns percentage between two numbers
/ip2lip - Converts IP addresses to Long IP addresses

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/kcount - Kick Counter
Kicker - See the Protection Script Library.

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/lip2ip - Converts Long IP addresses to IP addresses

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Message/Query Blocker - Blocks incoming Messages & Queries

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$NetInfo - Getting Network Info using COM Objects

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/proxyscan - Scans for unsecure Wingate Proxies

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$randpass - Returns a random password of a given text
/rawlog - Displays RAW Events in a Custom Window
$regini - INI file management using Regular Expressions
$regwrite - Writing the Registry using COM Objects
/renini - Renames INI topics and items
$ripcolor - Returns the number of colored chars in a string

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Scrolling Text - Scrolls Text in a Dialog window.

/silence - Silence Check.
/sinfo - Displays server information in a custom window.
$SpecialFolder - Getting Folder Names using COM Objects.
$striphtml - Strips html code from a string of text.

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$tflood - Returns TRUE if a text flood has been detected

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$ult - Upper/Lower Talker

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