mIRC ScriptBox
A comprehensive Script Collection for all mIRC Scripters.
Revision 1.20


mIRC is the most powerful IRC client that exists and is being used by more than 2 million people world wide. A lot of scripts and add-ons have been released throughout the years which utilize mIRC's abiltiy to extend functionality by utilizing its internal scripting language.

Due to the growing numbers of extension to mIRC, the community of scripters have always searched for a way to have a script collection handy without searching the internet.

This reference gives every scripter a documentation in his/her hands which may help him/her to expand his/her scripts or just to extend his/her knowledge about scripting and the usage of mIRC.

You can download this Reference as Helpfile.
Just right click the link and choose Save As.

NOTE: To have this reference always handy, unzip it into your main mIRC folder.
From the Menubar select Help -> Help files and you can just click on the name 'mScriptBox.chm' to open it.

We hope you find this documentation useful.
Merlin, February 2006

Table of Contents


  1. Scripting Basics
    1. Style Guide
    2. Variables and Binary Variables
    3. Arrays and "Dynamic" Variables
    4. Introduction to Aliases
    5. Introduction to Popups
    6. Introduction to Dynamic Popups
    7. Introduction to Remotes
    8. Validation and Verification
    9. The Art of Debugging
    10. Troubleshooting Guide
    11. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  2. Script Library
  3. Protection Scripts
  4. Flood Protection Scripts
  5. Tutorials
    1. $submenu Identifier
    2. $eval Identifier
    3. Connection Identifier (CID)
    4. Scripting Guide to mIRC 6.x
    5. Creating mIRC DLLs
    6. Custom Identifiers
    7. Custom Windows
    8. Picture Windows
    9. Dialogs
    10. Filter
    11. Groups
    12. KEYUP & KEYDOWN Events
    13. Hash Tables
    14. If-Then-Else
    15. Internal Address List (IAL)
    16. Loops
    17. $read without repeat
    18. Making a mIRC Bot
    19. Making a Nick Completer
    20. Introduction to COM Objects
    21. RAW Events
    22. Regular Expressions
    23. Advanced Regular Expressions
    24. Sockets
    25. Tokens

  6. References
    1. Introduction to Network Security
    2. mIRC Tips & Tricks
    3. mIRC ALT-Key Reference
    4. mIRC Events Reference
    5. mIRC Function History
    6. mIRC Identifier Index
    7. mIRC Property Index
    8. Extract from the PCRE Manual (Regular Expressions)
    9. Common IRC Errors
    10. IRC User Modes
    11. IRC Channel Modes
    12. IRC Server Modes
    13. Common Internet Ports
    14. CTCP - A Technical Reference
    15. DCC - A Technical Reference
    16. IRC RFC Reference
    17. Library of Regular Expressions
    18. RAW Reference

  7. mScriptBox Credits
  8. mScriptBox License
  9. mScriptBox History

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