mIRC ScriptBox

mScriptBox Credits

Everyone included in the list below has contributed at least some of their time to the creation of the mScriptBox; many contributors have spent long hours determining exactly how a specific function operates and what its quirks are.
It is through these efforts we hope the mScriptBox helps developers easily write higher quality scripts.

#HelpDesk (DALnet) Many Operators and Helpers on the major scripting help channel on DALnet put their knowledge into this project.
blue-elf, B0P, Cobra^, FiberOPtics, Hammer, Kloony, LocutusofBorg, Merlin, MUTU, Necroman, Ntd, pai, Pasmal, Psionic, pyretta{S}, Sigh_, Tristan They wrote most of the tutorials presented here.
Kintar0, Pasmal, BrainPhreeze, [g][e][n][i][u][x], set They wrote most of the Protection Scripts.
pai She wrote the initial RAW Reference which was first published on her web site.
prescott For her additional material.
Lamb He did a tremendous job in finding a lot of my typos and gave many useful suggestions.
Various Scripters Thank you all for your contribution and submissions on the Script Library.

Special thanks goes to all Beta-Testers for their corrections, suggestions and influence.

Wherever possible we added the author of the document or script. On various documents it was impossible to find out the origin author.
If you think you have not been given the credit you deserve, please feel free to inform us about it, so we can correct that.