mIRC ScriptBox

mIRC ScriptBox Introduction

Purpose of this Reference

This Help Guide was created to fill in the gap for the new user of mIRC, and more specifically for the scripters. It's main purpose is to show the new user simple commands and basic examples so that they can start to enjoy the many benefits that mIRC has to offer.
The mScriptBox Project is intended to be a community-based mIRC Language Reference and Resource Guide for the popular IRC Client mIRC.

In addition to the custom content, many visual tutorials are available inside that show basic functions of mIRC and take you step-by-step through creating your first script, along with fairly complete tutorial documents.

The mScriptBox is always in development, with value added by errata and information provide by the mIRC community. It is the intent of this project to make the most complete, concise, and easy to use reference available. Judging by community opinion it appears that we are succeeding in our goals - but in order to improve the quality of this reference we rely on the gathered knowledge of the individual script writers and mIRC users.


This document is ment to be not only for new users/scripters it is also a reference to be used by experienced users/scripters also.

Reasons for writing this

Basically I started this project to work on my own MISHScript project, while I was giving courses and also during the time I had to stay in hospital for a longer timer and there was no chance to have an internet connection available for research. So I started making my own little script depot and most of this went into my General Help System (GHS), which was released during the MISHScript Project. So I added step by step some basic tutorials, to have some information handy to continue developing my script during the long evenings in the hotels.

Another reason were that sometimes some web sites I used to research were down or finally closed. While being one of the Operators of the #HelpDesk channel on DALnet, we often send people for help to our HelpDesk web site, as well as to other various mIRC related websites, for further information which could not be covered in detail if the channel is very populated. The downtime of those websites has always been a problem so I started releasing my own tutorials and host tutorials made by others on my website.

A few friends and some of my beta testers found the idea great and pushed my to release it to the public, reminding me of the success of my mIRC.ini Unleashed Project. By the time this discussion came up, it was not my intention to release it to the public, since the major parts were just copied from various web sites and only a minor part has been actually written by me.

Community Based

If you are interested in helping by contributing to the project, the best way to help is to submit fixes for any errors (documentation, programmatic, spelling, grammatical, etc) you find within this reference to our team. You can submit fixes and suggestions by e-mailing mScriptBox Team.

We are also trying to build the code examples for all of the functions detailed in the mScriptBox and welcome small working code snippets of scripts that use functions which currently do not have a code example. Financial donations, while nice, are neither requested nor accepted.

Release Schedule

Our planned release schedule is once every quarter, unless a particularly large error must be corrected. This allows us ample time to integrate information submitted via e-mail to the project, research problems, and still pay the bills.

Merlin, February 2006