mIRC ScriptBox
mIRC ALT-Key Reference

Written by Merlin

ALT Key Description
ALT Enter In a multi-line editbox this moves the cursor to the next line allowing you to enter in several separate lines.
ALT - (minus) Opens the Channel Menu
ALT 0 (zero) If you press Alt+0 (zero) and you are in an mIRC desktop window, it will jump to the main mIRC window.
ALT 1-9 If you press Alt and a number, mIRC will display the Nth window listed in your Window menu.
ALT A Opens the Favorites Menu
ALT B Opens the Address Book (/abook does the same)
ALT C Opens the DCC Chat dialog
ALT D Opens the Script Editor for Aliases
ALT E Opens the Options Dialog (same as ALT O)
ALT F Drops down the File Menu
ALT G Opens the Finger Dialog
ALT H Drops down the Help Menu
ALT I Opens the Online Timer Dialog
ALT J Opens the Favorite Channels Dialog
ALT K Opens the Color Dialog
ALT L Opens the Channels List Dialog
ALT M Unused
ALT N Displays or hides the Notify Window
ALT O Opens the Options Dialog (same as ALT E)
ALT P Opens the Script Editor for Popups
ALT Q Shows or hides the second editbox in a channel window.
ALT R Opens the Script Editor for Remotes
ALT S Opens the DCC Send Dialog
ALT T Drops down the Tools Menu
ALT U Displays or hides the URL Window
ALT V Drops down the View Menu
Note: Was previously used to open the Font Dialog. Use /font instead to open.
ALT W Drops down the Window Menu
ALT X Toggles the maximized state of the active window.
ALT Y Unused
ALT Z Will cause you to exit your active mIRC channel