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Multiserver Support

Starting in version 6.0 Khaled has given us multiple server support. No longer is it necessary to open multiple copies of mIRC to chat on all the networks your friends and family might hang out on. No longer are we required to sit on one side of a split and wait for a rejoin to be able to talk to everyone we were with a moment ago. No longer... well you get the point, without further ado...

Q: How do I use multiserver support?

A: Well, assuming you're already using a connection to one network there are several ways to add a second, third, etc connection. The easiest one to explain is simply typing on the command line from any mIRC editbox: /server -m <servername> [port]

Multiple Server Support via command line with server.

You can also use the -n switch to open a new window and not connect immediately:

Multiple Server Support via command line without server.

Of course you can also right click on the options icon on the toolbar:

Multiple Server Support via menubar.

Now that you have a new window open you can use the /server command or the /connect command as normal to open a connection to a server.

Here's another way; open the options dialog itself then go to the connect menu, if the "New Server Window" checkbox is checked when you hit ok it'll open that server as a new connection:

Multiple Server Support via connect dialog.

Webpages often contain links that go to particular channels, mIRC can also connect to the appropriate servers first, then to that channel. With the new multiserver support you have a few options available:

Multiple Server Support via webpage link.

Q: What if I'm happy just being on one network?

A: Simply use mIRC as you normally do. Unless you explicitly want to take advantage of multiserver support you probably won't do it by accident.

Q: What's MULE stand for?

A: MULtiserver Edition.

Q: Why would I want to ride a MULE then?

A: Because Khaled does. It's all the rage these days.

Q: Where can I learn more about mIRC multiple server scripting?

A: Right now documents are slim for obvious reason, we suggest reading this document though.

For Scripting Tutorials covering mIRC 6.0 go to:

For a tutorial on the $submenu identifier go to:

For a informatiom how to use Connection Id's visit Cobra^'s CID Tutorial at:

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