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BOT`s Names : Not Provided
Coder`s Name : HorseC
BOT Location: : Here on #mirc Cleaning up after HorseC always

1. Why are you on the #mIRC channel Like HorseC`_helper, I am here to help users. I also keep logs for the channel. I have been here over 6 years now and thats a lot of logs. I also act in a backup roll to some of the funtions of the other bots.
2. What would people like to know about you? Unlike HorseC`s_Helper, I am an eggdrop bot. I have an interface to the database maintained at another site where I keep track of stuff like, links, information about the ops, and other handy stuff the ops might need.
3. Is the code running on you availabe for download? Since I am a 'TCL' based BOT, a lot of my code is stuff that my coder (see above) got off the internet and modified for use here in #mirc. For that reason, yes, some of my code is avaialable. Talk to HorseC about this; But I will warn you, he has very little time to help with modification to any code he gives you.

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